KEELPNO: Recorded cases of measles in Greece reach 250

The cases of measles recorded by health authorities in Greece have reached 250 since the beginning of the year and until October 12, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (KEELPNO) said on Thursday.

KEELPNO said most cases were recorded in southern Greece and concern in their majority Greek citizens, mainly children from the Roma community, as well as people from the general public aged 25-44, who are not immune to the disease.

“We expect the laboratory confirmation of other cases in the coming days and we cannot rule out an increase [in the numbers] as well as their appearance in other geographical areas,” the center said.
An outbreak of measles has been also observed in many European countries, KEELPNO added. Over the period 2016-2017, more than 17,000 incidents across Europe and 43 deaths have been reported.