KEPE: Greek economy shows several signs that conditions are improving

The Greek economy shows several signs that conditions are improving, the Centre of Planning and Economic Research (KEPE) said in its report released on Friday concerning economic developments in the country, based on an analysis of the main factors of demand.

“This image of improving conditions in the Greek economy coincides with estimates made by KEPE that the country’s Gross Domestic Product is expected to move higher in the second half of the year,” the report said.

The report said that “this positive outlook is expected to be supported by a favorable development in investment figures, while a gradual balancing and a slight improvement is expected in the short-term in the private consumption side, despite negative pressures prevailing on the incomes of certain categories of households due to the implementation of the support program. At the same time, external developments are expected to be smoother in the next quarters, with the imports of goods expected to recover and exports to benefit from an improving domestic environment and other outside factors such as a recovery in shipping rates.”