Kikilias charges ‘arrogance and conceit’ in government’s foreign policy approach

Strongly criticising Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias, main opposition New Democracy shadow defence minister Vasilis Kikilias on Monday accused him of “arrogance and conceit” and of “politically criminal” behaviour that had proved costly for Greece.

Speaking on the private television channel Skai, Kikilias noted that the foreign ministry’s “inflammatory rhetoric” had resulted in an “explosive relationship” between Greece and Russia at a time when even the United States had found a formula for cooperation with Russia. He also accused the government of launching initiatives on all foreign policy issues but in no instance arriving at a solution that was in Greece’s favour but results that instead created permanent sources of tension and reduced the country’s sovereignty.

According to Kikilias, the FYROM issue was now completely turned against Greece due to its handling by SYRIZA while the results might be impossible to reverse, while various other issues had been given traction in affairs with Albania and Greek islands.

“Mr. Kotzias sneers at his political opponents but provides no replies over the faits accomplis that will result for our Exclusive Economic Zone in Kastellorizo or for Cyprus’ EEZ,” he added.

On the issue of the two Greek soldiers detained in Turkey, meanwhile, Kikilias accused the government of wasting valuable time by attempting to downplay the issue when it first broke out, allowing Turkey to take the initiative.