Kikilias: National health system never succumbed to pandemic’s pressure

The national health system is standing upright as it never succumbed to the pressures of the pandemic, said Health Minister Vassilis Kikillias, speaking on ANT1 TV on Monday evening.

“We are here, supporting the country’s national health system (…) and I will not allow panic to (be) spread and our efforts be undermined”, he noted.

He did however say that 240 Covid-19 patients were admitted in Attica hospitals on Sunday alone.

The situation will stay critical throughout this week, while evidence of stabilization might become apparent as of next week, he stressed.

At least 140 intensive care beds have become available from the private health sector, he noted.

On the government’s decision to requisition doctors in the private sector, the minister said this was “inevitable”, as only 61 doctors had willingly responded to the ministry’s first call for their contribution.

Some 1.5 mln vaccinations are expected to be carried out in April, while available vaccine doses will be more than doubled in May and June, the minister underlined.