Kikilias: Operation “Eleftheria” is going very well

Operation “Eleftheria” for the rollout of vaccines is going very well and the platform for at-risk groups has opened, as well as for those aged 70-74 since last Friday, with those aged 65-69 years old to follow, Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias said on SKAI radio on Monday.

“In April, 1.5 million people will be vaccinated, as many as in the last three months. We will receive 1.1 million Pfizer vaccines, 450.000 AstraZeneca vaccines, 100.000 Moderna vaccines and 71.000 Johnson & Johnson vaccines in April alone. The same vaccine quantities will be available in May and June,” the minister said.

Referring to two factors that have greatly worsened the present situation in Attica, he said that these were “the mutations of the virus and unfortunately the ongoing and repeated dozens and hundreds rally that took place in Attica and other places in the last period.”

On the easing of the measures, Kikilias avoided giving specific dates while, with respect to self tests at home, he said that “after the scientists’ recommendation the government was making home tests available to people without charge.