Kikilias urges the people of Crete and Rethymnon to get vaccinated

With the message “vaccines, vaccines, vaccines,” Ηealth Minister Vassilis Kikilias, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Giannis Kefalogiannis and local governor Stavros Arnaoutakis on Thursday urged the people of Crete and Rethymnon to get vaccinated. Kikilias participated in a meeting at the Chamber of Rethymnon with local bodies as part of his two-day tour in Crete, in order to hammer home the message that vaccination is essential. He reiterated that Crete must take the lead in vaccination, as it does in every field.

“We are touring in the middle of the tourist season in Crete, to support vaccination, to support the effort that all of Greek society is making together. In other words, to be be protection in terms of health and in this way to have the best possible result for our economy, tourism and our social life,” the health minister said.

We now offer the opportunity to municipal leaders to compile lists either from villages or from communities or from remote municipalities and we will go with mobile teams of the Ministry of Health and there we will vaccinate our fellow citizens since we want to facilitate them, he noted. “Our goal is to increase the percentage of vaccinated and especially young people.”

According to Kikilias, there is a risk of mutations. “The pandemic is a huge danger, it can develop as it develops in other countries and it is a huge danger. So we have to be prepared,” he underlined.