KINAL deputy Skandalidis: Gov’t handles emergencies in haphazard way

The handling of the snowstorm in Athens was not an example of how a modern government handles emergencies and plans for them ahead of time, Movement for Change (KINAL) representative Costas Skandalidis said in Parliament earlier on Tuesday.

“I went to my office at 6:30 a.m., and the center of Athens was impassable while it had been snowing since Monday afternoon,” the MP said. “In other words, you could not cross Vassilissis Sofias Avenue. This shows a bad reflex by the government. Anything you try to say – that you dealt with the phenomenon seriously – this did not happen.”

The KINAL deputy said the same attitude is obvious in the pandemic. “While the government tries to say it’s a modern government that deals with anything, that it’s prepared to face critical situations – which are admittably difficult – unfortunately the government is not prepared; it acts haphazardly, in an unplanned and piecemeal way. This is the way it deals with legislative work as well,” Skandalidis said, and called on the government to hold a serious discussion on developing the state and institutions so they may deal with such emergencies.