KINAL: Government’s plan creates a Greece of two speeds

The ‘Greece 2.0’ plan unveiled by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis was a plan for a two-speed Greece, with the few and powerful that expect to get the lion’s share of the funds with the government’s blessing, on the one hand, and the many small and medium-sized businesses, farmers and employees that are left behind, on the other hand, opposition Movement for Change (KINAL) asserted on Wednesday.

In an announcement, KINAL underlined that the “programme, in the same way as it was drafted by a few at the Maximos Mansion, will end up concerning only the few, with social inequality in Greece continuously widening”.

The party criticised the government’s announcements on Wednesday as “vague and providing no evidence that thousands of jobs will be created,” while underlining that the government’s announcements are linked to conservative choices for labour issues, tax issues and the Pissarides Committee report on public security issues.