KINAL: High energy cost needs long-term solutions, besides subsidies to vulnerable households

Energy subsidies to vulnerable households and to businesses to manage the steep rise seen globally is necessary, but this is a tactic that will not resolve the issue long term, Movement for Change (KINAL) said on Friday, responding to new government measures for January bills.

“Every support to vulnerable households and to businesses is necessary and a basic political priority,” but the prime minister is stuck in a strategy that raises energy cost, the party insisted.

If the government had allocated 1.4 billion of the support it now gives to setting up households so they could produce their own energy, as KINAL had proposed, over half a million consumers today would save 50% on their annual consumption for the next 30 years. In addition, by encouraging the energy consumption upgrade of buildings and encouraging citizens, farmers, and businesses to produce clean energy through photovoltaic panels or a share in energy communities, the situation would have been vastly improved.

“It may be Greece’s last opportunity to use the Recovery Fund resources to manage energy poverty and promote energy democracy. Unfortunately, the government wastes it daily and citizens end up paying the bill,” KINAL said.