KINAL leader Fofi Gennimata to be vaccinated on January 4

Movement for Change (KINAL) party leader Fofi Gennimata said she plans to be vaccinated against Covid-19 on January 4, following an arrangement with the minister of Health.

In statements to the Alpha TV station evening news, Gennimata said that it is important the public sees political leaders give the good example and trust the effect of vaccination. She added however that “we still have a long road ahead – we need an organized strategy, a comprehensive plan to reach the end of the problem.”

The government’s late actions in West Attica and northern Greece show that its mistakes are costly in human lives and in people’s lives, as well as the economy, and she said it’s important to leave the mentality of across-board measures aside, as they don’t reflect the needs of the Greek people. Repeated coronavirus tests would resolve the delays of “opening up areas that have a problem and then a week later saying, We made a mistake and have to impose tougher measures.”

“All political leaders will need to support the information campaign so that the Greek people show confidence in the vaccine; I think this is the direction we are all working toward.”