KINAL leader Gennimata: Yes to protection, no to a police state

Opposition Movement for Change (KINAL) leader Fofi Gennimata, in her address to parliament on Thursday during the debate on the education ministry draft law, defended a reform introduced by the PASOK government of 2010-2012, the so-called Diamantopoulou law, and accused ruling New Democracy of initially undoing its provisions before main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance came to abolish it entirely.

“With this choice, the government deliberately broke up the front of a majority that wants the guarding of universities but not of this type. It turned the question of “protection or impunity” into “police or no police”.

Gennimata claimed that the government does not learn from its mistakes and displays authoritarianism, as it did with the law on university asylum, refusing any consultation.

She underlined that her party says a clear ‘yes’ to protection but ‘no’ to a police state, supporting an upgrading of state
universities but not the presence of police within them.

“No to policemen with clubs and handcuffs inside schools, no to cameras in classes and surveillance with drones,” she said.