KINAL leader Fofi Gennimata: ‘You gave it all, Mr Tsipras’

The government has neither the consent of the Greek people, nor the majority to pass the Prespes Agreement, Movement of Change (KINAL) leader Fofi Gennimata said on Thursday, addressing the Greek parliament.

“The required number of MPs is completed ‘on demand’: some presumably support the government but not the agreement, others support the agreement but not the government,” Gennimata said, and accused SYRIZA of serving foreign interests that were pushing for an immediate solution in order to promote their own geopolitical and economic agenda.

Gennimata also pointed out that the plenary session is called on to debate the agreement without having consulted the official text of the neighbouring country’s new constitution, including the amendments the agreement sets as prerequisites.

She went on to suggest that the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is resorting to “straightforward blackmail”, by declaring that they will not put into effect the constitutional amendments they voted for unless Greece ratifies FYROM’s NATO accession protocol.

In addition, Gennnimata declared, the government is granting FYROM the start of its EU accession negotiations, as well as the right to call its people, its language and its identity “Macedonian”.

“You gave it all, Mr Tsipras,” Gennimata said.