KINAL: More Omicron testing sites and expanded schedules needed

The government should expand the number and schedules of coronavirus testing sites, Movement for Change (KINAL) party proposed on Monday, as the Omicron variant has led to people overcrowding at free rapid or PCR testing sites.

Specifically, KINAL proposed more testing sites at public health centers, expanded schedules for testing, more free self-tests per social security number (AMKA), and a ceiling placed on tests for individuals buying rapid tests.

“The spike of the pandemic and the tens of thousands of infections confirmed on a daily basis lead thousands of our fellow citizens justifiably to free testing sites for rapid tests or PCRs,” the party’s press office said. Besides health centers, it noted, it would be helpful to get support from local government agencies able to supply staff.

It also said that the price for rapid tests should be set at 7 euros at most, and that of PCR (molecular) ones at 40 euros, at least for the next two weeks when the pandemic is expected to reach its peak.

Currently, tests are free only for those who are fully vaccinated. In December, all Greeks regardless of vaccination status were allowed one free rapid test and in January another two, picked up at pharmacies with their AMKA numbers.