KINAL spokesperson Christidis: For us the solution is elections right now

Mr. Tsipras and Mr. Kammenos are dangerous for the country due to the open national issues with the Turkish provocations and with Albania, said Movement for Change (KINAL) spokesperson Pavlos Christidis on Thursday referring to coercion between Tsipras and Kammenos in full public view.

“For us the solution is elections right now” he said

Asked if party discipline will be applied on the Prespes Agreement, he said that the Movement of Change will vote against the Agreement.

Referring to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s visit to Athens, he said “we are not included in the category that will shout go back. Those who shouted it will be at the airport to welcome her but we say that she imposed the IMF and the austerity and together with Alexis Tsipras supported the EU-Turkey agreement that brought the shame of Moria hotspot. She is the one that went to Skopje to support Zoran Zaev”, Christidis said.