KINAL will mount responsible, policy-based opposition, Gennimmata says

The Movement for Change (Kinima Allagis, KINAL) will mount a responsible and policy-based opposition, stated KINAL leader Fofi Gennimata regarding the results of Sunday’s elections, noting that the party will continue its independent course.

“The Movement of Change, deeply rooted in the people, will steadily continue its autonomous course, as the core of the great democratic progressive faction and of European social democracy,” Gennimata said.

She added that the struggle will continue based on the new data, stressing that KINAL will seek to act as a progressive counterweight, defending the people’s interests, consistently with the principles of national consensus.

As she noted, “citizens voted to end SYRIZA’s term. Mr. Tsipras brought Mr Mitsotakis to power with an absolute majority, paved the way for the return of the conservative faction.”

Gennimata thanked “the citizens who trusted us, our candidates, the cadres and the friends of the party, who in difficult circumstances fought an unequal battle but with a positive result, creating a dynamic perspective for the Movement of Change.”

“With their struggle, they proved wrong the Cassandras who sped to paint a gloomy picture of the next day for KINAL,” she said.