KINAL’s Genimata: ‘Small businesses need real support, not pre-electoral bribery’

Movement For Change (Kinima Allagis-KINAL) leader Fofi Genimata took a Saturday stroll through the historical Monastiraki district in Athens, visited some of the local businesses, talked with shop owners at the flea market, heard their concerns, and aired her conviction that “the Greek small and medium-sized businesses bore the brunt of (Prime Minister)Tsipras’ (austerity)policies and his so-called commitment to bolster them.”

What these businesses need is “substantial support, not pre-electoral bribery cloaked as benefits,” she said in a statement at Monastiraki, where she discussed measures that need to be taken to support them.

“We can support them with deeper tax cuts, 120 ‘real’ installments (referring to PM Tsipras’ repayment installments plan) for tax debts, and with motivational plans that allow access to technological growth and new jobs,” Genimata concluded.