KINAL’s Gennimata: Marfin Bank attack perpetrators must be found and punished

Movement For Change (KINAL) party leader Fofi Gennimata on Wednesday said that the perpetrators of the fatal 2010 firebomb attack at Marfin Bank in Athens should be sought out and punished, in a post on social media.

Gennimata said that she will attend the tenth anniversary event on Saturday, and stressed that installing “an honorary plaque is the minimum required memorial gesture for the fellow human beings who died so wrongfully.”

“What matters is the sincere stance of all of us against violence. And especially the commitment to investigate the crime and punish the perpetrators,” she underlined.

Three people died in the attack by people described by the media as anarchists, during a protest rally for a first loan agreement signed by Greece. Three bank officials were served manslaughter sentences. This week, political leaders have been widely condemning the event which shocked public opinion in Greece.