KKE asks to be officially informed on the developments in the region

Τhe Communist Party of Greece (KKE) on Monday asked to be officially informed on the recent developments in the region that required Government’s Council for Defence and Foreign Affairs (KYSEA) extraordinary meeting on Sunday noting that “SYRIZA’s dangerous policy that involves the Greek-Turkish relations and Cyprus issue in the harsh competition and US and NATO’s plans in the region not only does not protect the sovereign rights but it fuels the provocative stance of our ‘ally’ Turkey and leads the people to adventures”.

In its announcement, KKE said that it has repetitively expressed its major concerns over the developments in he regions and the escalation of the Turkish provocation when SYRIZA government and the other political forces either reassured the Greeks referring to ‘a positive agenda” in the Greek-Turkish relations or left the whole issue to the intervention of the US-NATO.

Finally, KKE asks to be officially briefed on the developments that required KYSEA’s extraordinary meeting.