KKE: Gov’t requisitioning private doctors instead of big business groups in healthcare

“The government, instead of proceeding with a real requisitioning of business groups in health that have the necessary infrastructure, staff and equipment and can immediately help with the acute problem of treating patients, is only showing its strength to requisition private doctors. It offers state immunity to capital and pretends that with a few private doctors the problem will be solved,” the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) said in an announcement on Thursday. It was responding to news that the government will requisition the services of private doctors that have signed contracts with the National Organisation for the Provision of Healthcare Services (EOPYY) to help the state hospitals in the fight against the pandemic.

“It is using requisitioning as a firework to distract from its refusal to hire permanent medical staff in order to create “lucrative” clientele to the ‘crows’ of the business groups in health,” KKE added.