KKE Koutsoumbas: Mass testing should have been carried out since the summer

Communist Party of Greece (KKE) leader Dimitris Koutsoumbas, in an interview with radio “Thessaloniki” on Monday, said that the increase of COVID-19 cases in northern Greece was related to tourism but also to conditions in places of work, in industries and the congestion on public transport, as well as the conditions in schools, with large numbers of pupils crowded into the same classroom.

He underlined that mass testing should have been carried out since the summer, adding that the lockdown – initially imposed in northern Greece – did not have the expected results because transmission clusters were still active.

In terms of the requisitioning of the private health sector, he said this meant “the requisitioning of private clinics, ICU beds, medical and nursing staff; not the leasing, essentially, of some private units and paying private clinic owners again at a very high price.”