KKE, MeRA25 against; Elliniki Lysi to vote for Greek-French agreement

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) does not support the Greek-French defence agreement, KKE MP Giorgos Marinos said in Parliament on Thursday, during the debate on the ratification of the agreement, as it “supports and is supported by imperialist pillars and does not serve any Greek national interest”.

The rapporteur for opposition MeRA25, Fotini Bakadima, said that the party was “against an agreement that increases by 10 billion euros the non viable debt of Greece and is not dictated by any need other than facilitating US and European economic and geostrategic interests”.

Finally, Elliniki Lysi speaker Antonis Milonakis said that his party will vote for the agreement and called on all the parties to show a sense of the responsibility as the country is in danger.