KKE secretary Koutsoumpas: Corruption will not be combated and the problems will not be solved

Corruption exists, said Communist Party (KKE) secretary general Dimitris Koutsoumbas speaking to public broadcaster ERT on Monday.

“This is a corrupted state and political system that the government and the main opposition use every time they want to argue over this kind of issues in order to hide the huge problems which is the problems of the working classes, the anti-labour and antipopular measures that the government is currently discussing with its partners, which are not the Greek people’s partners, in order to bring additional measures and probably a fourth memorandum,” stated Koutsoumbas.

He also noted that in this political system, with these measures and with these governments, corruption will not be combated and the problems will not be solved.

He called absurd the argument that KKE attacks SYRIZA and supports main opposition New Democracy (ND) noting that KKE has struggled and continue to confront ND “We exercise criticism to both because they follow the same policy on the same direction”.

He also said that SYRIZA has turned into a social-democratic party, a clearly bourgeois party and did not exclude the possibility of a future co-governance with some parts of ND.