KKE’s Koutsoumbas criticises the gov’t on the way it handled the pandemic

The low percentage of vaccination coverage in the regional unit of Serres was highlighted by Communist Party of Greece General Secretary Dimitris Koutsoumbas in meetings held on Wednesday with employees at the Serres General Hospital and with the city’s mayor Alexandros Chryssafis and deputy regional governor Panagiotis Spiropoulos.

Koutsoumbas, in his meeting with the doctors, nursing staff and employees of the hospital, said that his party had from the first moment supported vaccinations and the observation of protection measures, adding that the citizens should listen to the scientific community and follow their doctors’ orders.

He made clear, however, that KKE’s stance on this in no way exonerates the government and the prime minister and he spoke of “huge responsibilities and criminal mistakes made throughout the period of the pandemic”.