KKE’s message on 28th October anniversary

Today’s bourgeoisie and its parties “promote the return to capitalist growth and the country’s geostrategic upgrade as so-called national targets, in the context of aggressive plans in the region and the entire world by NATO, the United States and the EU,” the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) said on Wednesday in its 28th October message on Wednesday.

World Wars I and II were products of the great clashes in the global capitalist system, it said, an imperialistic war, while “competition for a share in wealth-producing sources, markets and transport ways is getting more intense.” Such times of sharp competition and aggression over resources that undermine the popular movement, “fascism and Nazism are brought into play, being derivatives of the rotten capitalist system,” KKE said.

The Communist Party said that the lesson from the ’40s was that popular struggle can overcome foreign occupation and fascism, and overturn capitalist rule. The people must “become masters of the wealth they themselves produce, in a society with true popular prosperity,” it said.