Kotzias: Four-party ministerial meeting in Thessaloniki is another step towards cooperation

A meeting between the foreign ministers of Greece, Albania, Bulgaria and fYROM in Thessaloniki on Thursday is another step towards developing cooperation, trust and friendship, Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias said in a press briefing, after the end of the two-day 2nd Ministerial Meeting between the four countries.

Kotzias said the aim of Greek diplomacy is to combine the European prospect and regional cooperation in the southern part of southeastern Europe. “The future of Greece and other three countries (Albania, Bulgaria, fYROM) lies in Europe, but in a Europe where we will cooperate,” he said, adding that the meeting was “one more step towards developing cooperation, trust and friendship.”

“What we want is to agree on, identify and utilize what connects us, what the future of the region is and, mainly, how we will solve our problems and promote a positive agenda,” he said.