Kotzias says Greece will propose composite name on fYROM name issue

Greece will propose a composite name for all uses in its negotiations with the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (fYROM) on the name issue, which will differentiate it from the Greek Macedonia with geographic qualifiers, Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias said in a televised interview with ANT1 on Monday night.

The minister said the cabinet has decided on its proposals for the name which will be presented in meetings with representatives of the neighbouring country. “I don’t think we should start discussing now [on television] one or the other name,” he said.

Kotzias reiterated that fYROM will not be able to join NATO if it does not come to an agreement on the name issue first – a condition which Skopje is well-aware of, and rejected the need for a referendum in Greece.

Asked about the possibility of a referendum in fYROM, he said it is a “domestic issue” for the country but warning that if the deal is rejected, “the cost for the country will be greater than what anybody can imagine today.”