Kotzias: We have to show the world the importance of our civilizations

“We have to take the big decision to cooperate in order to show the rest of the world the importance of our civilizations,” Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias said on Saturday during a press conference following the 2nd ministerial meeting of Ancient Civilizations Forum held in La Paz, Bolivia.

“While Bolivia is so far away from Greece, our souls and hearts are very close. We really love Bolivia. We have a well-known song that says our heart also belongs to China. We are three countries, three peoples, three cultures,” he said and added: “China is the founder of the modern state. After the end of the wars of the six states, they created the great China, the modern state, 2500 years ago. We are the founders of Democracy,” he said and added:

“Bolivia is an inspiration for all of us.” “We are three countries very proud of our history, but we are not ‘prisoners’ of history. History must be a school, not a jail. So we have to make the big decision to work together to show the spirit and the importance of our cultures to the rest of the world,” Kotzias stressed. “The ancient civilization is still alive,” he stated.

“The countries participating in this Forum have common interests, but we also share common interests with the world in general. If someone looks at what the civilizations of China, Greece, Bolivia and other countries have brought, for thousands of years, to humanity, that is certainly a reason to be proud of our history, Kotzias noted. “But we cannot live based only on history, we have to look at the future, work together and learn together,” he concluded.