Kountoura: ‘I do not negotiate my constitutional right to vote according to conscience’

A vote in favour of the Prespes Agreement was “a truly patriotic stance” and “what we owe our country and the next generations,” Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura said in Parliament on Thursday, while noting that she had become the target of “hate propaganda” in recent days and denouncing main opposition New Democracy Vice President Adonis Georgiadis for public attacks against her and her family.

Speaking during the debate for the ratification of the Prespes Agreement with FYROM, she stressed that she was “would not give in to intimidation and blackmail” nor “negotiate my constitutional right to vote according to my conscience”.

Kountoura expressed support for Theodora Tzakri following the attack against her and condemned all forms of violence and attempts to target and terrorise politicians with different views.

“These kinds of criminal actions are the results of the sordid propaganda of hate and division spread by the main opposition, which does not hesitate to undermine the national interest for short-term political gain,” she said.

“Throughout my political career I have acted with seriousness and responsibility for the good of our country, above all party gain. Above all political and personal cost and with the nation’s interests as my only guideline. I call on all the democratic forces to raise a wall of protection against this fascist threat, to condemn and isolate them,” she added.