Kountoura: International arrivals up more than 9 pct in 2017

Tourism is a driving force for Greece’s economy that can boost growth and all other sectors of production, while it has recorded the highest performances for three consecutive years, Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura said.

The year 2017 was spectacular, Kountoura noted, with an increase of more than 9 pct in international arrivals that was expected to yield record tourism revenues. She added that tourism has boosted consumption and deposits, has increased transport and that passenger traffic at the airports over the 11-month period rose to record levels, with almost 10 pct increase compared to 2016. It also contributed to a rise in retail trade, higher turnover of tax-free shopping and a greater turnover in the catering sector and exports. It has led to a two-digit increase in the number of visitors and revenue for archaeological sites and museums, as well as creating new jobs.