Kountoura: Tourism is a bridge for economic cooperation and investments

Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura on Monday stressed the importance of strengthening economic cooperation between the European Union, the Eurasian Economic Union and China, using tourism as a bridge.

Kountoura was speaking at an Economist conference held in cooperation with the EU-Eurasia-China Business Summit.

“Greece can really be the bridge to bring the East and the West closer together,” the minister stressed, focusing on the dynamic growth of Greek tourism and the strengthening of Greece’s international image and role.

In her speech, the minister said there was a broad field for building partnerships with the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union – Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus – and China, with the aim of strengthening tourism relations and supporting strategies that encouraged the exchange of travel flows and boosted investments. She also referred to the possibilities for strengthening tourism cooperation offered by the One Belt One Road initiative, the European Union-China Tourism Year in 2018, the celebration of the Greece-China Cultural Exchanges Year in 2017, Greece-Russia Tourism Year 2017
-2018 and a number of other initiatives through government planning to promote new collaborations and investments.