Koutsoumbas calls on the government to stop ‘hiding behind the mask of individual responsibility’

“The government must finally stop hiding behind the mask of individual responsibility. The responsibility for shielding public health system and taking protection measures is entirely its own. And only the government can instill a sense of security and responsibility in the people,” the General Secretary of the Communisty Party of Greece (KKE), Dimitris Koutsoumbas, said on Thursday.

“It is now clear that no restrictive measures, on their own, can prevent the worst if they are not combined with the requisitioning of the private health and welfare sector in order to ensure the necessary number of ICUs, free tests on a mass scale, and public inspection in critical places, such as nursing homes. If they are not combined with measures on public transport, in schools, but also in the workplaces,” Koutsoumbas stressed and concluded: “The government can no longer be deaf! Workers can demand and impose the necessary measures to protect their health and life.”