Koutsoumbas: KKE rallies an invitation against complacency, indifference and disorientation

Communist Party (KKE) secretary general Dimitris Koutsoumbas in his article in the newspaper Real News on Sunday noted that the message of his party’s rallies in Athens on February 27 and Thessaloniki on March 6 is that the working class is bearing the burden of the imperialistic wars for the interests of a handful of predators. The rallies are an invitation “against the complacency cultivated by the government and the indifference and disorientation cultivated by all the bourgeois political forces to blind the people”.

“Nobody can’t seriously believe that the country is not in danger because the borders are “as they say” European borders or because we are members of the NATO” and reminded that when the Cyprus tragedy occurred, Greece was a member of the NATO.

The rallies are a wake up call for struggle against the imperialistic interventions and conflicts, against the dangerous plans of NATO and EU in our region. “Nobody can rely on the government’s tale that allegedly Greece is “a pillar of stability in a triangle of instability”.