Koutsoumbas: Incident with Greek soldiers proves Turkish provocations are increasing

The detention of two Greek soldiers in a Turkish jail after they accidentally strayed across the border line is proof that Turkish provocations are escalating, Communist Party of Greece (KKE) General Secretary Dimitris Koutsoumbas said on Friday, in an interview with the public broadcaster ERT.

He explained that Turkey, in addition to provocations in the Aegean Sea and its violations of Greek airspace, is now seeking to create problems along the land border in Thrace, and he accused the government of cultivating a climate of complacency among the Greek people. Koutsoumbas argued that the Greek people must be informed about the developments without cultivating a climate of fear.

This was not the only problem for which the government bore responsibility, Koutsoumbas noted, noting that the government was also responsible for adopting an overall policy that, while dubbed a “geostrategic upgrading” of Greece, was is in fact “a destabilising upgrade, an upgrade of insecurity, an upgrade of only certain economic interests of the Greek ruling class and some of its international allies, such as the United States, NATO, and the EU.”

“For the Greek people it means they are being embroiled in the rivalries of this upgrading, which leads to interventions and new dangerous plans within NATO,” he added.