KPMG: Greek CEOs strongly optimistic over business outlook

Greek CEOs are strongly optimistic over the growth outlook of enterprises and business sectors in the country, a survey by KPMG said on Wednesday.

The “CEO Outlook” survey, recording the priorities and expectations of 1,300 CEOs in some of the largest companies around the world, presented Greek findings for the first time. Four out of five Greek CEOs, or 80 pct, expressed confidence in the outlook of their companies, although they were somewhat more reserved regarding the country’s outlook.

A 36 pct of Greek CEOs said the key for growth was the implementation of strategic organic growth, through capital investments, hirings and innovation/research. A 92 pct of CEOs expect an increase of gross revenue up to 1.99 pct per year for the next three years, while a 92 pct expect an increase in the workforce by 5.0 pct. A 56 pct of CEOs agreed that technological changes were the only signficant change they faced.