Kyr. Mitsotakis: A political change is needed as soon as possible

A political change is needed as soon as possible that will allow Greece to adopt a new productive and growth model and a “policy of post-populism”, New Democracy (ND) leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Monday, during the presentation of a book by Giorgos Pagoulatos, titled “The island that is leaving; 121+1 essays about the crisis”.



“Greece remains cumbersome in terms of reforms, financially ambivalent and without orientation in terms of development, while time passes relentlessly and the hourglass of opportunities is steadily being emptied at our expense,” he said. “For it reason, it is imperative that policies change as soon as possible. The country does not just need a new production and growth model. It needs a new political model. We need to invent the ‘policy of post-populism’.”

He said the party must not merely be content with the ideological superiority of its ideas, or believe that because the people at this event agree on these issues, the party has won the trust of the Greek society’s silent majority. “We have to read the ‘spirit’ behind the ‘letter’ of the populist vote, without becoming populists,” he noted.

“To achieve this, we need a brave and creating break with our past. One thing is certain: we cannot approach the future with the tools and vocabulary of the past. I know well we will not be able to reach some people, because we will not confront populism by softening our political voice. But we have to appeal to the ‘forgotten man’. The average Greek family which, away from ideologies, sees its future getting darker every day,” he added.