Kyr. Mitsotakis: Local growth is the best shield for our islands

“Greece honours and defends its islands which are its integral part. Nobody is allowed to question and set sights on them. Greece is ready to defend them, always in an unanimous climate of determination and at the same time to claim the support of the international community, especially when we have the international law on our side,” stated New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Wednesday addressing a special parliament sessions on the 70th anniversary from the integration of the islands of Dodecanese in Greece.

The main opposition leader underlined that the “best shield for the islands is the local growth” and what is needed, he said, is a ‘targeted policy’. “All united we must work for the insularity clause that will take into account the islands’ particularities and needs, especially those of the very small islands.”

The liberation of the Dodecanese, said Mitsotakis is an example for all “History has taught us the nothing is gifted even if you are right. It needs hard and serious efforts and strong support. The support of the
international community is neither self evident nor granted. This makes it imperative to know Greece’s position at the international scene. What history says is that success is not the result of easy opportunistic tricks but is based on the harsh systematic effort and in being realistic and this is what we should do and today in every sector of our policy,” concluded Mitsotakis.