Kyr. Mitsotakis: Ninety percent of Greeks believe that the country is headed in the wrong direction

Addressing a delegation of visiting foreign journalists on Wednesday, main opposition New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis pledged to address Greek citizens “in the language of truth, however harsh this may be.” The meeting, with well-known journalists of the European and international press, took place at ND’s central offices in the Moschato district.

“Ninety percent of Greeks believe that the country is headed in the wrong direction,” Mitsotakis said, noting that Greeks did not currently trust the political system.

“Our aim is to restore this trust. They way we will achieve this is by telling the truth. Many times, what we say makes the citizens feel uncomfortable. We do not want to promise things that we cannot deliver,” Mitsotakis said.
According to ND’s leader, in order for Greece to exit the crisis it was necessary to carry out deep structural reforms, which included privatisations and changes in the operation of the public sector, which must become more efficient and less connected to whichever party was in power. Among others, Mitsotakis stressed the need for evaluation and transparency in public administration.

ND’s leader also pledged to lower taxes by two billion euros if elected and, in order to meet this target, said he had tabled proposals for generating this amount through spending cuts. “Regaining our credibility demands honesty,” he said.

Regarding the refugee crisis, Mitsotakis described the EU-Turkey agreement as ‘fragile’ and warned that the situation on Greek islands was critical, with hotspots unable to fit more arrivals.

There must be more and smaller reception centres so that living conditions for migrants and refugees improve,” he said.