Kyr. Mitsotakis: Tsipras is gambling away the country’s future

New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis accused Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Wednesday of “gambling away Greece’s future” in order to remain in power, during a speech at the party’s Political Committee, adding that an exit from the economic crisis passes through reforms.

“Nobody knows what the government is negotiating on. On the one side, the government is demonizing the IMF and on the other it begs it to participate in the [bailout] program. At the same time, it hides the truth, which is that it has taken on commitments and that the more it delays the more we lose our credibility and [the creditors] demands increase. Mr. Tsipras is gambling away Greece’s future. All he cares about is staying in power at all costs and by any means. In the end, he will accept everything,” Mitsotakis said.

He also called on Greeks to rally behind him, regardless of what they voted in the previous elections.

“We’re ready to govern well and express all the citizens who are turning their backs on populism and lies. Our mandate is to build a large center-right party that will unite and not divide citizens. People from different starting points and paths are joining us […] I’m determined to resolutely continue ND’s opening towards society,” he said.

Commenting on the interrupted talks between the government and the country’s creditors on concluding the second program review, Mitsotakis said any new delay will add new burdens for Greeks.

“The conclusion of the program review is a necessary precondition to gain access to the ECBs quantitative easing program and mainly to avoid facing a credit event in June,” he said. “We’re reliving 2015. In 2014, Alexis Tsipras torpedoed the fifth review, now as a prime minister he torpedoes his own second review. The government is playing with fire, it is fighting imaginary windmills and reaping the storms it sowed.”