Labor bill brings wage cuts, unpaid 10-hour shifts, says SYRIZA spox Iliopoulos

The New Democracy government has now understood that the majority of society disagrees with its labor bill, SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance spokesperson Nassos Iliopoulos told “Delta TV Thrace” on Friday night, it was reported on Saturday.

The government’s labor bill “will render labor in Greece cheaper and will reduce wages, through the prevalence of individual contracts and through unpaid 10-hour working schedules, but also through the dissolution of the labor regulatory mechanism.”

The main opposition party spox added that “digital registration of overtime -in real time- in the ERGANI system already exists, by a law passed by the SYRIZA government in 2017.”

Based on this regulation, he continued, “more than 6 million hours of overtime were declared and paid -for the first time- while overtime hours more than doubled as a result.”

Moreover, a 60 pct of workers in the EU are covered by collective labor contracts, compared to a 14.7 pct of workers in Greece, while the EU unemployment average is 7 pct, as opposed to Greece’s 16 pct, he underlined.

The government’s labor bill legislates, for the first time, split schedules in part-time work, noted Iliopoulos, “while another first is that if a worker’s firing is ruled illegal by courts, he/she will not necessarily be re-hired, as per the new bill.”

What workers in Greece need the most, he concluded, is raising the minimum wage, “as Greece is the only country where minimum wages are still lower than in 2010.”