Labour minister Achtsioglou announces crackdown on businesses violating labour law

The labour ministry intends to crack down on companies flouting labour regulations, including temporarily shutting down businesses that break the law, Labour Minister Efi Achtsioglou said in an interview with ‘Documento’ published on Sunday under the headline “Padlock to banks that violate labour laws”.

The minister announced plans for targeted legislation over the summer months, such as barring delinquent businesses from state and Community funding and the introduction of a strick point system that will lead to escalating penalties for repeat offenders.

Among others, she referred to an abuse of the contractor system, especially in the banking sector, as an easy way to sidestep almost all aspects of labour legislation.

While acknowledging that unemployment remains Greece’s greatest problem at the present time, Achtsioglou also pointed to encouraging signs in recent months, and the fact that the unemployment rate had dropped to 22.5 pct, its lowest point since 2012.