Labour unions collaborating with PAME holds protest at Maximos Mansion

Labour unions collaborating with PAME, the Communist Party-affiliated union, were staging a protest at Maximos Mansion on Wednesday asking the government to withdraw the draft omnibus bill “that limits the right to strike and increases home foreclosures.”

“The SYRIZA-ANEL government continues the policy of the previous governments and strongly implements all issues they left pending. It promotes fully all demands of large capital and brings new suffocating measures of so-called fiscal adjustment, suppressing working people’s struggles. Along with (main opposition) New Democracy, they agree with and vote for measures against the life and needs of people, striking at the core of labour struggles, that is, the right to strike,” PAME said in an announcement.

It also called on everyone to participate in the rally to be held on Monday, January 15, at 6 pm.