Lack of meritocrary and corruption lead human capital abroad

Lack of meritocracy and corruption drive abroad human capital (Brain Drain) in Greece, according to an ICAP People Solutions’ primary research results, were presented at the 3rd Human Capital Summit.

The survey, conducted for the 3rd consecutive year, was compiled on a sample of 1,268 Greeks living abroad: 68% of people are up to 35 years of age without high-qualified family responsibilities (64% of postgraduate and / or doctoral students).

Of those who participated last year in the survey, which accounted for 30% of this year’s sample, only 5 people have returned to Greece for work in the meantime. The main reasons for people leaving to work abroad were lack of meritocracy and corruption in Greece (41%), the economic crisis and the uncertainty in Greece (34%) and the prospects for career abroad (33%). The percentage of Greeks who did not expect their return to Greece grew further to 42% compared to 35% in 2016.

It has been observed that individuals have slightly higher wage requirements for their return to Greece, compared to the requirements they claimed in 2016. Half of those who participated in the survey intend to help the country to regain its competitiveness, mainly through the purchase of Greek products (25%) or by suggesting Greece as the main holiday destination (23%).

According to the results of the survey, the view that immigrants can benefit the country is relatively high, particularly for those migrating to non-European countries.