Lack of speed radar on Greece’s highways ‘not new’, Toskas says

The lack of radar equipment for monitoring speed on Greece’s national highways was a real problem but one that dated back several years, Alternate Citizen Protection Minister Nikos Toskas said on Thursday, talking to the radio station ‘Real FM’. Even though national highways had surveillance cameras, he noted, the only speed radar equipment were the portable radar guns used by traffic police.

“The radar are not missing from national highways now – they have been missing for years. There is a real problem here and I can make it specific. In 2010, when the privatisation of the national highways was imminent, the radar were not installed along national highways as planned but along rural roads,” he said.

According to the minister, the necessary funds to correct this were not currently available. “We are examining what can be done regarding the fixed radar systems. It is not that there is no radar, there are the portable radar guns,” he said.

Toskas also revealed that authorities had identified the individual responible for a banner making insulting remarks in Russian about FC PAOK club owner Ivan Savvidis, raised during a game between PAOK and Iraklis on Sunday. As soon as the public prosecutor gave the order, he said, authorities were ready to proceed with further action.

He called the action “unacceptable” and noted that “at some point in football stadiums, another way of thinking must prevail, so that people can go to stadiums without fear and without such actions taking place.”