Lamda Development – Price increases are not affecting projects in Elliniko

The price increases in raw materials and energy will not affect the implementation of the project of Ellinikon, which proceeds based on the planning with fast steps.

At the same time, the demand for housing is so high that faster construction and delivery of a new number of homes within five years is underway.

These conclusions emerge from answers to questions from journalists published on the website of Ellinikon.

See the project presentation here.

As it is pointed out, tender procedures have already started for the selection of a contractor for the infrastructure projects and it is expected that a contractor will be announced by the end of the year. These projects concern the entire primary road network, the submersion of Poseidonos Avenue, the port projects and all the accompanying networks. By the end of the year, the intention is to start bidding procedures for the sports facilities within the Park, as well as for the building where the clubs for the disabled will be located, in order for the contractor to be selected at the beginning of 2022, it is pointed out. The company’s tendering procedures ensure full transparency in the selection of suitable contractors.

With regard to price increases, it is stated that in the budgets of the projects, the price increase of materials has been taken into account, which is a global phenomenon. “We are following this trend and we believe that competition, transparent procedures and the speed with which we are moving forward are the best response. “We do not expect it to cause a delay in the smooth progress of the projects”, it is reported.

Investments in the first phase of infrastructure projects will approach 500m euros over the next five years. An important part of these, as mentioned in the answer to questions. is expected to be auctioned in November, with the aim of awarding the contracts in the first quarter of 2022. These are the projects related to road networks, including the submersion of Poseidonos Avenue, the reconstruction of the coastal front, flood protection, telecommunications networks, as well as in other projects that will facilitate the progress of the renovation project in Ellinikon. New project auctions will be announced very soon and large construction companies will be invited to participate in the relevant tenders.

Work has begun in different areas of Ellinikon. According to the planning of the Ellinikon renovation project, a large part of the project, including a large part of the Park, will be delivered to the public by 2025.

Regarding the building developments, the first project that will be completed in Ellinikon in 2023, will be the complex of 11,000 sq.m., where the associations Amymoni, Hermes, Niki and the Association of People with Multiple Sclerosis will be located.

At the same time, as it is emphasized, the implementation of the other renovation projects of the first five years is progressing: the upgrade of the Marina and the beach of Agios Kosmas, the Marina Tower, the Marina Galleria, the coastal settlement of houses and complexes in front of the park, the Tower which will house a hotel and offices on Vouliagmeni, as well as the shopping complex.

“The goal is not only to catch up, but also to go beyond our planning. In our initial planning for the first phase of the renovation project in Elliniknon, we had set as a goal the construction of about 800 houses that include apartments in the residential skyscraper Marina Tower, but also a small number of luxury homes by the sea. Due to the very high demand that we have recorded, we are planning to proceed with the construction of about 1200 additional houses in the first five years.

The existing sports facilities located at the metropolitan pole are being demolished and new, state-of-the-art facilities will be created inside the Sports Center. Our design includes the creation of an area of ​​250,000 sq.m. with sports facilities including track and field, swimming, football and instrumental gymnastics, as well as football, basketball, tennis, etc. academies “, it is reported

In Ellinikon, urban planning provides, inter alia, areas for public use. These areas already belong to the Greek State and can host public education facilities, depending on the priorities of the State and local government. Buildings will also be designed to house private educational facilities. “We are in the process of advanced discussions with educational organizations,” it said