Lamia judges reject petition to cancel Koufodinas prison transfer; case filed with Council of State

The Lamia Judicial Council on Monday unanimously rejected a petition by hunger-striking inmate and convicted terrorist Dimitris Koufodinas for the cancellation of an order by the Secretary General of Counter-Crime Policy Sofia Nikolaou and the cancellation of his transfer to the high-security Domokos Prison. The court accepted the arguments of the public prosecutor, which said it must find itself not competent to rule on the order, which was an administrative act that must be judged in an administrative court. Regarding the cancellation of the prison transfer, the prosecutor said this should be rejected as “unacceptable”.

Following the decision, Koufodinas has lodged a petition with the Council of State, Greece’s supreme administrative court, regarding the issue of his transfer to Domokos. In this, he asks for the issue of a temporary freeze in the execution of Nikolaou’s order, a suspension of the order and finally its cancellation. His counsel will argue that the order was illegal and an abuse of authority, as well as being unconstitutional and “targeting” Koufodinas’ case in particular, among