Large-scale floods drill held at Alepochori, Attica, by civil protection ministry

A large-scale drill to deal with the impact of flash floods, codenamed ‘ARK 2021’ was held at Alepochori, Attica region, in the presence of Ministry of Climate Crisis & Civil Protection officials on Saturday.

The drill included scenarios such as population rescue and protection of property and infrastructures, and the rehabilitation of those afflicted. Participating agencies were called -through nine different scenarios- to deal with incidents such as landslides, diversion of a vehicle into a stream, overflow of streams and inflow of water into homes, traffic disruption due to accumulation of sediments, displacement of people, animals and vehicles, transportation of injured people, search and rescue operations of a missing person in the Corinthian gulf, and fall of an electricity pole with consequent power outage. Also during the exercise, people were rescued from a building by a helicopter of the Fire Brigade.

“We must continue these exercises in all vulnerable areas nationwide. Alepochori is probably one of the most vulnerable places, due to the summer fires,” said Minister of Climate Crisis & Civil Protection Christos Stylianides.

Speaking after the drill’s completion, he added that “it seemed that when all emergency forces operate together, coordinated, we can objectively cope with very difficult events.”