Launch of process for revising FYROM’s constitution a historic step, Tzanakopoulos says

The beginning of the process to revise FYROM’s constitution in line with the Prespes Agreement is a historic step that leads the Balkan region to a new phase, government spokesman Dimitris Tanakopoulos said on Monday in an interview with Real FM. He also expressed optimism that the Agreement will be ratified by the Greek parliament when the time comes.

“The start of the process of constitutional revision is a historic step that has taken place in the neighbouring country and brings us a step closer to the final implementation of the Prespes Agreement. A step that creates different positive perspectives in the bilateral relations with our neighboring country and also in the Balkan area, where we are entering a historic phase,” he noted.

“We are leaving behind the conflicts of the past and I think this new phase will prove to be extremely positive for prosperity and cooperation on the peninsula,” he added.

Tzanakopoulos estimated that the proceedings in Skopje are not expected to be completed before the end of January, and, as he said, the issue will then pass to the Greek parliament where it will be discussed and ratified.

The government spokesman reaffirmed that there is parliamentary and political correlation for its ratification “without causing any kind of political developments that are not related to the Agreement.”

Regarding the Greek economy and the budget tabled in the European Commission, he estimated that Greece’s EU partners will soon also formally announce the approval of the budget without pension cuts.