Lawsuit against Artemis Sorras referred to first-instance court prosecutors

Supreme Court prosecutor Xeni Dimitriou on Thursday referred the lawsuit against self-proclaimed billionaire Artemis Sorras to the head of the Athens first-instance court prosecutors Ilias Zagoraios. The lawsuit was filed by Greek journalist Alexandros Stefanopoulos on Wednesday, against Sorras and his business partner Emmanouil Lambrakis.

Stefanopoulos, who lives in the U.S., has accused Sorras of forming a criminal gang, fraud, dissemination of false news, inciting people to violence or mutual discord, breach of duty and other crimes related to the currency.

Zagoraios will include the lawsuit into an ongoing investigation by public prosecutor Maria Avgita into Sorras’ claims that owns bonds worth 600 billion euros, which he can use to pay back Greece’s entire debt. According to Stefanopoulos, the Sorras bonds are “fake and have absolutely no value.”