Le Maire says he is ‘really eager’ to find an agreement on Greece at Eurogroup

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said he is really eager for Eurozone finance ministers to reach a deal on Greece at the Eurogroup meeting on Thursday and switch from the day-to-day management of the economic crisis to a more long-term perspective for the country.

“I’m here with full determination to find an agreement for the Greek people. I’m really eager to find an agreement because it is in the interest of all the European parties and I really want to switch from the day-to-day management crisis of the Greek debt to a long-term perspective for the Greek people and all European people,” he told journalists as he arrived for the meeting.

Asked whether there will be a decision on Greek debt relief this evening, he said: “I think it is the right moment. I think it is time to find an agreement. It is time for everybody to make a slight move to the right direction. Nobody knows where the future will be.”

Asked by another journalist what are the sticky points for this meeting, Le Maire said: ““We are waiting for the IMF to deliver a positive statement of course. Because if we want that agreement to be a good agreement for everybody we need to have the IMF onboard with a positive support.”