Lectures devoted to cultural politics in WWII Greece at National Museum on Friday

A lecture series on archaeology and culture politics during World War II in Greece will be open to the public and free on Friday, at the National Archaeological Museum.

The event is part of events commemorating the October 28 national holiday.

“Archaeology and the Politics of Culture During a Barbaric Era (1940-1944)” will open with a lecture by University of Athens professor Heigen Fleischer and will include a closing address by Ministry of Culture and Sports Myrsini Zorba.

From 13:00 to 18:00, when the event takes place, the upper museum floor and the exhibit “The Countless Aspects of Beauty” will be closed to visitors.

In a statement, the ministry explained, “The title (of the lectures) sounds paradoxical, but it’s worth exploring what the archaeological policy of the occupying forces was, as they had an excavation presence in Greece before the war, what cultural models underlay the barbaric behavior of the German forces, and what the Greek Resistance envisioned as its own cultural policy. We believe that the knowledge of that era, passed down to today’s generations, is the most effective way of honoring the Resistance and sacrifices of the Greek people.”